Double standards are wrong, regardless of race, creed or color

NY Knicks President and Coach Isiah Thomas advanced the ongoing devolution of American society Isiah
yesterday by testifying that the use of the ‘B’ word is less offensive when uttered by a Black, rather than White, male.

Thomas, who by all ‘insider’ accounts, is a truly bad guy, is accused of sexual and workplace harassment by former MSG senior marketing executive, Anucha Browne Sanders. In her testimony, Ms. Browne said Thomas repeatedly referred to her as a *itch.

Thomas shrugged it off, saying the derogatory term is less offensive when used by a Black man towards a Black woman. Oh, puh-leese. That same warped logic has been used to defend Gangsta rap lyrics and other horrific examples of deportment.

Wrong is wrong. Isiah Thomas is wrong. The Gangsta rappers are wrong. And, our society’s leaders are wrong to let these double standards pass unchecked.

The real losers are the kids who, having fewer and fewer role models, will choose their own definition of right and wrong. And, that too, is wrong.

One thought on “Double standards are wrong, regardless of race, creed or color

  1. I hate to invoke my mother, but I think she said it best when, in response to seeing a kid wearing a t-shirt bearing a certain bold-faced expletive, she said, “We seem to have lost our sense of what is good behavior”. I think that such a statement applies across the board to all of us. I personally think the best way to deal with such boors is to ignore them. We want to punish them by suing them or otherwise vilifying their behavior, but in my opinion that just draws attention to their behavior, and like children makes them want to do it more. Ignore them, and in so doing make them powerless, and they’ll go away. My two cents.