OK, I’ll admit it. I love this commercial

As Repman fans and medical supply executives know all too well, I’m not a fan of print or broadcastNike_logo
advertisements. With a few exceptions, I think advertising money is money poorly spent.

That said, I adore the new Nike TV commercial that blends the awesome "Last of the Mohicans" soundtrack with a beautifully edited (and epoch) struggle of a running back attempting to score a touchdown against seemingly unsurmountable odds.

Just like the Daniel Day-Lewis character in ‘Mohican,’ the running back fights his way through any and all obstacles (rain, snow, huge linemen etc.) to reach his goal. And, while I’d rather fight to reach Madeleine Stowe (Lewis’s love interest in the movie) than score a touchdown, the concept works beautifully.

So, guess what? This ad actually broke through. Does it mean I’ll go out and buy Nike products or show preference to their brand over a competitor’s? Not likely. Rest assured, though, that when shopping for my next pair of sneakers, ‘I will find you.’

Thanks to Chris "Repman, jr" Cody for the idea.

4 thoughts on “OK, I’ll admit it. I love this commercial

  1. Not only that, this commercial seems to have jinxed the player and the team. The Rams are falling apart and Mister Jackson is our for week 4.
    There is another version of the commerical with SD’s Merriman doing the same from the linebacker position…I wonder if he was on ‘roids at the time…

  2. Brilliant? Its just another re-hash of big sweaty football players “inspiring” people to think that a pair of shoes will make them great. Sounds like Dorothy and the Ruby Slippers…. just put these on and you can go where you want to go! Give me a break.

  3. Repman, I also love this commercial. Anytime this comes on I find myself getting ready for football. So do all of my 18-24 year old friends. Nike’s Briscoe football campaign was effective too…now, if they only did something about their child labor practices…