Growing up Spears

Life is tough enough without added burdens. That said, and in light of yesterday’s custody ruling againstBritney_spears
Britney Spears, could you imagine being one of her kids?

Those poor, if privileged, souls not only have the misfortune of having two highly dysfunctional parents. They also have to overcome the horrific image tsunamis their mom and dad have created.

Sure, the Spears/K-Fed kids will have every creature comfort money can buy. But, they’ll also have to deal with the emotional baggage that comes with an out-of-control pop star diva mom and a hanger-on/gold digger dad.

It takes years and years to build an image and reputation. And, as we all know, only a nanosecond to blow to bits. So, how brutal must it be to start life with at least one, if not both, arm(s) tied behind one’s back?

I’d like to think the Spears/Federline youngsters will turn out just fine, but the odds are heavily stacked against it.

They’re both years away from having to strike out on their own. But when they do, they’ll always have to deflect questions about their dysfunctional parents. And, that’s a high price to pay for someone else’s fame.

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