If an ad bugs me, does that make it successful?

I truly despise the Sally Field commercials for Boniva. It seems like every time I pop on the TV, up popsSally
Sally sashaying her way around her spacious, but curiously sterile, ‘house.’

She tells me time and again that she only has one life and one body and that, courtesy of Boniva and its anti-osteoporosis ingredients, she intends to live it to the max. Well, bully for her!

Then, Ms. Field swishes down a staircase or pirouettes in front of a mirror in anticipation of some big night out on the town. Ugh.

I don’t like the commercial. I don’t like Sally Field. And, I absolutely cringe at the thought of having to escort her on some imaginary date listening to her drone on and on about Boniva.

So, do my reactions mean the campaign is successful? After all, it certainly broke through the clutter and got my attention.

Even though I’m clearly not part of the intended target audience, I’d argue the campaign is a failure. Favorability is a key component in the purchase cycle. And, while Ms. Field has captured my attention, her dramatics and self-centeredness give me, well, a big pain in the back.

So, Boniva, leave-a me alone!

One thought on “If an ad bugs me, does that make it successful?

  1. Granted the Boniva ad is corny. But why are you hating on Sally Field. I grew up with Gidget and The Flying Nun…I wanted to do her then…and now as she approaches her 62nd Birthday most American males would still like to do Sister Bertrille. Stop hating…you’ve got to respect a woman with five decades of extreme do-ability.