Show me the money

Having competed in various 5K, five-and-a-half mile marathon races this Summer, I’ve begun wonderingSteve
where my entry fees actually go.

Each race has eight or nine corporate sponsors, so I’m assuming the banks, car dealerships and pizza parlors are picking up the race-specific costs and t-shirts/medals for racers. But, what about the ’causes’ themselves? What percentage of my dollars actually end up in the charity’s coffers?

I’m not suggesting any shenanigans, but I am surprised at the lack of transparency. I think race organizers should do more than merely posting finishing times on their web sites (and, possibly, sharing profits from the various local photographers who hawk photos of runners crossing the finishing line).

Entry fees are now typically $25, $30 or more. I love to run and feel good that I’m helping worthwhile charities in the process. But, the blood, sweat and tears would be all the more gratifying if I was sure my bucks were ending up in the right pockets. So, here’s a call out to race organizers near and far: ‘show us the money.’ It will help your image and reputation, and speed my mental and physical recovery.

4 thoughts on “Show me the money

  1. 13.1 miles..very nice. cant say that i would ever do that. for a while i was running every am in the gym but then i realized i just didnt enjoy it so i went back to the eliptical and weights.
    i get you on the tears part..i cry every time chad throws a ball more than 10 yards downfield.
    randolph should be canned today. his brother is a trainer in my gym- wonder if he will show his face in the near future.
    have you been back to teaneck recently?

  2. Med guy, I was referring to yesterday’s 13.1 mile half marathon. There was definitely sweat. And I have a blood blister or two on my feet. Only tears were ones of accomplishment at the finish line. Mets and Jets are pathetic.

  3. “But, the blood, sweat and tears would be all the more gratifying if I was sure my bucks were ending up in the right pockets.”
    blood and tears from a 5k run? on the blood i might be able to help by donating some med supplies. on the tears, you might want to consult with dr. harte…the tears could actually be from watching the NY Mess or the NY Jests this sunday.