What a helluva way to find out

How’d you like to find out you didn’t win a new business pitch by reading about it the trade press? Nice,Rejection

That’s only happened a few times in 12 years of business: once with a major car maker, another time with a dotcom and, just now, with a telecommunications company.

We’d met with the telco two or three times in august and then submitted a written proposal. We repeatedly followed up, only to receive radio silence from them.

And, then, voila, there it was: another firm announcing the telco as its newest client.

So, I ask: is this sort of boorish behavior indicative of businesspeople who are just too busy to pick up the phone or hit the send button? Or, as is more likely the case, does it show they just lack the requisite social graces?

Either way, this reflects poorly on the telco and its image, and goes a long way towards building a negative impression. Life is too short and the business world too small to treat others in such a shabby way.

2 thoughts on “What a helluva way to find out

  1. Reflects poorly on the telco and its image…hahahaha…as if any telco’s image could get worse. I’m guessing the telco just treated you like they would any of their customers.
    Sorry to hear you had to read about it in the trades, but sounds like you actually came out the winner in this one.