When the spirit moves you

There’s a new poll just in time for Halloween that says Catholics and those who never attend religious services are most likely to report ghost sightings. That’s bad news for those of us who are NPCs (or, non-practicing Catholics).

I’ll bet if I am visited by a ghost tonight, it’ll be nasty, old, boy-bashing Sister Catherine Imelda. She scared the bejesus out of me when she was alive, and I’ll bet the afterlife hasn’t mellowed her any.

Getting back to the survey, it quizzed more than 1,000 Americans on everything from spirits and superstition to magic and UFOs.

It turns out that women are more superstitious than men about believing in the charm of four-leaf clovers, Democrats more than Republicans over opening umbrellas indoors and liberals more than conservatives when it came to a groom seeing his bride before a wedding.

Getting back to ghosts, I actually had an ‘experience’
when I visited England 15 years ago. I was staying in a quaint, old inn
in the Lake District. I’d arrived late, eaten dinner and gone right to
bed. During the night, I heard all sorts of noises caused by other late
check-ins. I didn’t think much of it until the next morning when I
happened to mention it to the proprietor. ‘Oh,’ she said. ‘There wasn’t
anyone else in the inn. You must have heard Angus.’ Angus was an 18th
century farmer who’d worked the nearby fields and now delights in
visiting guests of the inn. I wonder if he also blogs?

Truth be told, I’m still uncertain about ghosts, goblins and things
that go bump in the night. That said, I can confidently state that,
unlike five percent of survey respondents, I haven’t seen a monster in
my closet. I’ve worked for some monsters and dated a few, but so far
have happily escaped seeing one in the closet.

Thanks to Debrah Hussey for the idea.

One thought on “When the spirit moves you

  1. I caught this article and thought, “wow, now there is proof that liberals are wimpier than conservatives.” The debate is over.
    Another good topic for today would be the extreme that halloween costumes have gone to – for children – nonetheless. Some of these costumes you’d expect to be worn at the Penthouse Club, not by a tween.