You can’t keep a good man down

Well, those oh-so-randy Catholic priests are at it again. Word from Italy has it that a high-ranking VaticanPriest_2
priest was caught on video romancing a boy he’d met on a homosexual web site. Oh dear.

The priest, Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, denied any culpability. Instead, he claims to have been conducting research into ‘…people who are involved in a Satanic plot to discredit the Church by seducing priests into homosexuality.’ Oh baby. Talk about straining credulity.

The Catholic Church has huge image and reputation problems because:

A) It covers up incidents like this one (which broke on an Italian television network) and…

B) Their basic model is broken. As many others have said, celibacy isn’t natural and tends to attract men who prefer the company of other men (and young boys).

It really is sad to see yet another Church meltdown. But, until the Vatican powers that be wake up to the realities of the modern world and their own bankrupt system, we’ll continue to see more and more instances of lecherous guys like Monsignor Tommaso being ousted.

Thanks to Tommy Powers for the idea.

One thought on “You can’t keep a good man down

  1. It’s interesting to see this issue’s continuation.
    I’m doing my Master’s project on lingering crises and am currently on the lookout for peer-reviewed case studies on the Catholic Church’s crisis.