Religiously pursuing profits

Televangelists sure give fundamental Christianity a black eye. These self-righteous men and womenPlate
pound their podiums, thump their chests and offer lots of false hope: all in the name of Jesus and the Almighty Dollar.

So, it’s nice to see the government finally step in and investigate the charlatans who preach poverty but live in the lap of luxury.

Ah, there’s nothing like a good Congressional investigation to put the fear of God in a double-talking, bible-thumping fraud. And, while there are undoubtedly some legitimate preachers out there, my gut tells me the majority simply prey (pun intended) on the fears and ignorance of the great unwashed masses.

Organized religion deserves its checkered image and reputation. Too many scam artists have hurt too many unsuspecting faithful over the years.

So, let the investigations begin. And, hopefully, some of these profit-hungry pastors will be doing their preaching in prison and not on the boob tube.

2 thoughts on “Religiously pursuing profits

  1. I just want to see Joel Osteen out of business. I didn’t think anyone could “out hypocrite” Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, but Osteen and his Texas cheerleader wife take the cake.

  2. The other evidence of fraud among these shysters is Pat Robertson’s recent endorsement of Rudy Giuliani. If that doesn’t show a complete abandonment of principles, I don’t know what is.
    Of course, the other irony is the fact that Congress is the investigating body. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the henhouse…