The Three Stooges Ride Again

Outlined against a blue-gray plasma screen, the Three Stooges rode again. This time, though, theirThreestooges
names weren’t Moe, Larry and Curly but, rather, OJ, A-Rod and Barry.

Bumbling, stumbling and anything but humbling, the neo Three Stooges are the uber role models for everything that’s wrong with today’s society. Whether it’s OJ’s criminal behavior, A-Rod’s surly self-centeredness or Barry’s lying and cheating, the Three Stooges are there in all their glory for us to see.

And, sadly, the media loves to shine the spotlight on these goofballs. I find it all rather tiresome and long for a TV Land marathon of the real deal.

Who wouldn’t prefer to see Moe poking Larry and Curly in the eyes than view OJ in another courtroom, A-Rod muffing another ground ball or Barry parking another home run into McCovey’s Cove? Here’s hoping it’s strike three for at least two of the modern Three Stooges.

One thought on “The Three Stooges Ride Again

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly in regards to Barry and OJ, but A-Rod is a different story. For the record, I like watching A-Rod play but I have a hard time rooting for him because he is all about A-Rod and not about the team.
    However, market forces are what led A-Rod to believe (or I should say Scott Boras to believe) that he could fetch north of $300 million for his next contract. Boras was wrong and he gave bad advice to his client forcing him to crawl back to the Yanks with his tail between his legs.
    I do not condone A-Rod’s behavior and I think Boras is generally bad for the game of baseball. However, I think it is wrong to lump A-rod in with criminals. A-Rod is not a criminal (at least not yet) and so far he has achieved great things on the field without the help of illegal substances. Barry can’t say the same thing and OJ, well, he’s in a whole different league.