Who’s next, the Easter Bunny?

Like some crazy, out-of-control cancer cell, the P.C. police are at it again. This time, it’s their AussieSanta_2
division, and they’ve targeted jolly old St. Nick’s signature expression.

Afraid that Australian women might be offended by a street corner Santa shouting ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ local companies are advising that Santa ‘actors’ use a more politically correct ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’

This is so absurd it makes me want to cry out, ‘Ha!’ Do Aussie women really think Santa is calling them prostitutes? If so, are they, perhaps, a bit self-absorbed?

The P.C. police are modern-day Nazi storm troopers, forcing their world views of what’s right on the rest of us. And, sadly, there’s no end in sight.

Having muzzled Santa, what other fictional characters are next?

– Will the Easter Bunny now be seen in a wheel chair so as to not offend the physically-challenged?

Will a teetotaling James Bond be asked to order a ‘…Pellegrino with
lime wedge, shaken not stirred" so as not to offend M.A.D.D. types?

– Will a P.C. Rhett Butler now tell Scarlet O’Hara, "…Frankly, my dear, I don’t feel strongly about it one way or the other."

the Aussie P.C. police are so intent on changing perceived slights and
insults, they might want to start by taking a look in the mirror. Might
not ‘…The land down under’ convey a naughty-but-nice double-entendre?
Shouldn’t Australia be renamed ‘The Land South of the Equator’ just to
ensure Aussie women and other P.C. types aren’t offended?

All I can say is Ha!

Thanks to Gene Colter for the idea.

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