And now, it’s on to Kilimanjaro and let’s win there

Chris ‘Repman, Jr’ Cody and I are leaving for Tanzania and a climb of 20,000-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro. At the veryKilimanjaromap_2
least, it should prove to be the adventure of a lifetime (at least for me).

In my absence, a variety of Peppercom executives will be posting their thoughts on the Repman blog. Considering the talent and personalities of those who’ve volunteered, things should be anything but dull.

I thought I’d end by paraphrasing Bobby Kennedy’s final public utterance, ‘….And now, it’s on to Kilimanjaro and let’s win there.’ I’m just hoping Kili doesn’t prove to be my personal Sirhan Sirhan. 🙂

5 thoughts on “And now, it’s on to Kilimanjaro and let’s win there

  1. “push themselves to the limits mentally and physically” ???!!! Easy Jackie, I performed the clueless one’s suggested search and must conclude that he made a rather humorous point. I reaped:
    “11 Days The Snows of Kilimanjaro Luxury Tour Package”
    “This program contains strenuous activity, and a good level of fitness is essential.”
    Steve’s making out like he’s heading off on a potentially life threatening venture when all that is required of him “is a good level of fitness.” Frank gets it, and I bet Rep, despite clueless’ obvious pizzle-envy, sniggered a tad when he read the comment.

  2. Best of luck Rep & Rep Jr.
    WithClue, please get a clue. Some people push themselves to the limits mentally and physically. While others just sit back and criticize.

  3. Steve, That’s one hell of a way to spend the holidays! Cheers and best of luck. Oh, and don’t forget to call home when you reach the summit; cell phone service is available there.

  4. Repman, I’ve read about and studied the works of Bobby Kennedy: I know much about Bobby Kennedy; Bobby Kennedy was a brilliant, articulate and above all, modest man. Repman, you’re no Bobby Kennedy.
    “I’m just hoping Kili doesn’t prove to be my personal Sirhan Sirhan”
    Rep, do you really expect us to buy into any of the melodramatic inferences suggested by this entry? Jeez Rep, every third of your blog posts has you whining, moaning, bitching or complaining exaggeratedly about one minor inconvenience or another. You shout for a waahmbulance instead of reaching for a pair of scissors when opening up plastic packaging for goodnes sakes.
    I suspect that if I conducted a Google search with the following two terms: “Kilimanjaro’ and “luxury,” I’d have a far more truthful understanding of what your trip is all about. That said, you and Jr. be safe and enjoy one of the world’s true wonders.