Curious? I think most guys would be repelled

Have you seen the TV commercial featuring Britney Spears and her new line of perfume called ‘Curious’? InCurious_2
the spot, Britney makes eye contact with some hunk and then, seconds later, is embracing him in her peculiarly passionate, but sleazy, way.

My first thought: what woman would wear Britney’s perfume? My second thought: what guy would ever find this a turn-on?

I can imagine the scene: a guy and girl are connecting. Things are progressing nicely. The guy is totally intoxicated with the woman and whispers in her ear, ‘I love how you smell.’ She sighs, and says, ‘It’s Curious by Britney Spears.’

Ouch. Talk about a buzz kill. Game. Set. Match.

What sane guy is going to want to hook-up with a woman who wears the perfume of America’s sleaziest and most unstable celebrity? If I hear that response, I bolt for the fastest exit, post haste.

What marketing genius thought ‘Curious’ was a smart line extension? Who’s the target market: emotionally unstable, drug and alcohol-addled girls, aged 18-25?

There are great new product ideas, good new product ideas and just plain bad ones. Curious perfume by Britney Spears belongs in a category of its own I’d label: ‘ugly.’

5 thoughts on “Curious? I think most guys would be repelled

  1. Have you actually smelled it? Do you think you are some kind of a mister perfect guy to judge that woman? Or is it that when Britney was cool everyone used to love her, and after some horrible stuff in her life she’s not cool anymore. Ok, I admit she is crazy, she has no voice and so on and so on. But, she is what she is (I mean topping charts celebrity) for no reason. She has something to her, and I think it’s special. And I say that as a person who hates pop music. And as a darkwave person. So I made my boyfriend who is a goth and also a britnay hater to buy this perfume for me. I like it, it’s something I’ve been looking for, even my boyfriend admits it smells great. And when someone will say that I smell nice (and that is sure to happen, I’m a cute chick) I’ll proudly say “It’s Curious by Britney, or you would think her perfume would be horrible, I’m not ashamed to wear it”. So beat it.
    Britney didn’t create that smell, other people did it for her.
    And God bless Britney, especially from such haters, she’s just a person who doesn’t deserve all that hatred.

  2. I’d have to disagree with you, Jackie. The only guys who’d be willing to sleep with Britney are those interested in contracting a high-end STD. As for sales, check the current figures. I’ll bet they’ve dropped faster then her reputation.

  3. Steve, pretty sure most guys STILL wouldn’t kick Britney out of their bed. Maybe do an office poll. 🙂
    PS – You might want to check the sales stats on “Curious” as it was released in ’04 and netted over 100 million in just one year….