Eli Manning is anything but ‘unstoppable’

The problem with celebrity endorsements is, well, celebrities. And, unless a brand acts quickly toCitizenwatchad0507
disengage itself from a poor performer, its fortunes can plummet right along with the celebrity’s stock. Sometimes the decision is obvious, and smart marketers have dropped such losers as Brittney, Barry Bonds and Michael Vick faster then you can say brand disaster.

But what should a brand do when it signs a deal with a marginal performer? Citizen watches is facing that dilemma after inking a deal with New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning. Unlike his celebrated big brother Peyton, Eli’s career has been anything but rosy. Despite pulling out a last-second win at Chicago this past Sunday, Eli’s performance was questionable at best. And, two Sundays ago, he single-handedly blew the game by throwing four interceptions against the Vikings.

So, when Citizen Watches airs commercials and publishes print ads saying their watches are as ‘unstoppable’ as Eli Manning, it elicits a chuckle, a cry of derision or worse.

Eli Manning is a real mixed bag. And, I for one don’t want to own a watch that, like Eli, might work one minute but stop the next. If Citizen continues to stand by their man, I suggest they switch from ‘unstoppable’ to ‘unfixable.’ At least it will ring true.

Tip o’ the hat to Isaac Farbowitz for this idea.

14 thoughts on “Eli Manning is anything but ‘unstoppable’

  1. Eli Manning is garbage!
    Brett Favre is the fucking man Dan!
    Peyton is 100 times better than Eli!
    Eli is a lucky fuck getting paid for the shit job he does!

  2. Hogwash! Eli is a good guy that conducts himself as a gentleman. What’s wrong with his persona? Nothing. He’s a sharp dresser, a quick learner and handsome. I would only hope that Citizen doesn’t listen to hogwash.

  3. Great; now we all know the MSE’s real name. Now that I do, I like his handle – MSE – better.

  4. You did. Note the”Tip o’ the hat…” at the bottom, where all his acknowledgements go.