Finally, a guy who’s got it right

Here’s a big tip of the hat to Las Vegas Lawyer Todd Phillips, who has filed a gender bias complaint withLadies_2
the Nevada Equal Rights Commission. Todd’s problem? The gym he was touring with his wife offered her a cheaper sign-up rate as well as a special workout section for women.

More and more guys are stepping up to complain about ladies’ night laws at gyms, bars and nightclubs. And, that’s a good thing. No offense, ladies, but why should you get special breaks?

It’s been open season on guys for as long as I can remember. And it runs the gamut from tongue-in-cheek male bashing in the workplace to TV commercials and sitcoms in which the guy is almost always portrayed as a total dope. In fact, one wonders what sort of subliminal damage the latter does to young boys watching at home.

Mr. Phillips, who just happens to be a gender bias lawyer, says special ladies’ nights are just as discriminatory as ‘…a whites-only country club or whites get in free deal…’. That may be a stretch, but I do think the overall public image of men needs some burnishing. And, I’m right behind you Todd. Oh, and by the way, are you done with the elliptical trainer yet?

2 thoughts on “Finally, a guy who’s got it right

  1. Excellent post, Rep Man. Children also get discounts in many places, but I am at a loss to understand, why women? Do they think it helps their business to lure more members of a class who otherwise don’t want to be there? And to create ill will from men who pay the full fare? The day women are not treated as “special” like children is the day they will have achieved equality.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, repman. I’m a woman and personally, I get annoyed when seeing “ladies only” promotions. I wouldn’t go near a gym trying to lure women in with blantant “ladies discounts.” Very slimy.