Here’s why some surveys lack credibility

The media may say otherwise, but they have an insatiable appetite for surveys. Which is why we publicSurvey
relations types churn them out in endless quantities. Some are well done and contribute to thought leadership. Others tell you what you already know. A precious few actually break through and identify new and noteworthy trends.

Then there are those like this one from Cision that simply defy logic and strain credulity.  It reports that General Motors finished SECOND in Cision’s annual corporate reputation index just behind Microsoft.

Talk about stupifying! General Motors is the second most admired corporation in America? Is this the same company that has handed away its market share year-after-year to Toyota? Is this the same company where management is totally insulated from reality and continues to churn out inferior products year-after-year? Is this the same company that helped turn Detroit and the state of Michigan into a 2008 version of ‘The grapes of wrath’?

I’d love to know what hallucenogenic drug the Cision survey respondents were ingesting when they selected GM for such an accolade. It has to be some kick-ass stuff.

2 thoughts on “Here’s why some surveys lack credibility

  1. Nothing to be confused about, ‘Confused.’ While we did do some project work for GM three or four years ago, the blog’s content their surprisingly high ranking (and not any sour grapes as you suggest). I would have written the same thing if Ford, Chrysler or any other mediocre company had finished so high. GM is a car wreck, Confused, and if they’re the second best company in America, then we are indeed in trouble.

  2. Wow repman, you really have outdone yourself this time. In the past you have used this blog as a whining board when you complain about ad budgets, large pr agencies and any airline that happens to make you sit in coach. But this time, its to whine about a former client who I am guessing left you for greener pastures. If Detroit has become the grapes of wrath, then your blog should now be called the sour grapes of wrath.