Next, we’ll find out the pope really isn’t Catholic

How depressing to learn that fortune cookies originated in Japan, not China. One wonders if this meansFortunecookie
the Benihana-type Japanese restaurants will start serving fortune cookies with that cup of tea and vanilla or chocolate ice cream? And, will the Chinese restaurant delivery guys no longer include fortune cookies along with those amazing chips and duck sauce? God, I hope not.

Talk about the world turning upside down!

With Chinese fortune cookies the latest ‘institution’ to fall by the wayside, what’s left to cling to? How long will it be before we learn that:

– The pope really isn’t Catholic?
– A bear really doesn’t relieve him/herself in the woods?
– Pigs fly the friendly skies?
– Snowball fights are routine in Hell? 

It’s enough to make me pour another glass of chard and wonder what my next Japanese fortune cookie will predict.

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