This is very personal for me

Despite her narrow victory in yesterday’s New Hampshire Democratic Primary, can you believe the mediaHillary
analysis of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s ’emotional breakdown’ in New Hampshire? The one in which she told voters ‘…This is very personal to me?’ Puh-lease. Talk about contrived.

Everything Hillary does is carefully orchestrated to either harden or soften her image and reputation (depending upon the latest polls). ‘Hill’ and her handlers knew voters saw her as an ice queen, so she/they sought an opportunity to unveil her ‘softer, feminine side.’ And, a ’60-something’ New Hampshire woman provided the catalyst with a question asking the Machiavellian Clinton how, as a woman, she was able to juggle so many disparate things and still keep it all together.

The Clintons, like the Bushes, are yesterday’s news. Hillary, and her totally contrived image and reputation machinations, is toast. Obama is weak, with lots of flaws, but Americans are turning to him as a solution to the ‘business as usual’ model that Hillary represents. 

I’m not a political analyst but, in my opinion, Sen. Clinton is a ‘dead candidate walking’ who reminds too many voters of what was and not what could be.

14 thoughts on “This is very personal for me

  1. To Steve Cody:
    I would agree with your assessment of Hillary if she would be not Hillary Clinton but the other person. You apparently have no idea who she is in reality. Put aside all allegations agains her, and read more what the person she is and how she treats “regular people” who served her in a past (body guards, security, drivers, etc). You will be shocked, man. I am not really sure that Obama is a good choise (African-American muslim), but the problem is that there is no trusted and strong leader among Democratic candidates.

  2. Her tears took me back to third grade. They decided to start a student council and I felt I would be a great leader. I was coming from a trailer up bringing, a woman of the people (well not at my private school, more like the outcast). My biggest opponent lived near the beach. I worked my debates about changing recess and scrimped up money to make buttons. Everyone was rooting for me, then during our last debate, Nicole cried her eyes out. She said how everyone was going to vote for me, so why should she even bother running, she would drop out. I still remember telling everyone I should win because I had worked so hard and was genuine and to not fall for her trick. In the end they did. I lost and became VP. She never followed through. Alas, I view Hillary in the same way – my vote will go to whomever is most genuine.

  3. I completely agree with you Repman (amazingly). She is simply the most perfectly choreographed politician of our time. What a nightmare she would be in the White House. The woman would change her mind every hour based on polls and the way the wind is shifting…

  4. Have to disagree with you, bubbles. Hillary represents 50 percent of the most sophisticated, ruthless and successful political machine of the past 20 years. She is a tried and true politician, who knows when to appear statesmanlike and when to break out the crocodile tears.

  5. I cannot believe I am defending Hillary, but the sad truth is that when she is cold and stoic she is chastised for acting as if she were a man, and when she is open and emotional she is accused of grandstanding and acting like a woman. Hillary is no more or less contrived than any professional politician.

  6. I do believe, by the way, the bookcase “cross” appearing in the Huckabee ad was planned. If it wasn’t then his people saw it and said, “ooh lets keep that in.” I am a person of faith but the selling and manipulation that revolves around the religion issue is bothersome to me. But this issue is nothing new and has gone on for hundreds of years, as we all know.

  7. One more thing – I could be wrong her but didn’t Edwards say something was personal to him during the debates aired by ABC last week? The issues should be personal to ALL of the candidates – shouldn’t it?

  8. Not exactly a Hillary fan here BUT – I heard on the news this morning that the woman who posed the question actually voted for Obama.
    As a child of Watergate I have grown up pretty cynical in regard to politicians but I don’t believe this was a set up. As Tom Brokaw pointed out on David Letterman last night – the election process is exhausting for candidates.
    The crux of the matter to me is the coverage this little tear up is eliciting. Many candidates and public figures tear up – heck Bill C. was pretty well known for it and actually I thought some of those moments were pretty contrived. This small moment in time for Hillary has garnered a big “so what” from me.
    Everyone knows she is “human.” Who needs tears to point that out? Lets be clear here, this is a woman running for president of the United States and she HAS TO appear strong and confident – which she has done – whether one agrees with her positions or not.
    I have some questions for everyone: Does Hillary’s sense of humanity really need to be pointed out to us by the media? Who is driving the bus here? How did this become a story? It was pointed out by NBC this morning that her campaign did not send a statement or release about the matter. How is Hillary tearing up different than Romney tearing up?

  9. Valid comments, Ted. But, to me, Hillary is the coldest, most calculating and manipulative candidate to come down the pike in a long time. No way those tears weren’t staged.

  10. Not sure why you’re picking on Hillary. My guess is that every speech, action and word uttered by every leading candidate is just as orchestrated. Huckabee’s guitar playing on Letterman and at campaign stops, McCain’s Straight Talk Express, Obama’s “in the round” town hall meetings, etc.
    Yes, Hillary’s actions are intensely scrutinized but politics has been sadly boiled down to one liners and missteps. In the end, that is what decides who we nominate and eventually who we elect.

  11. Man, Rep; are you cynical. Hillary is very, very careful in public because she’s learned from the bashing she’s taken for being less so. She would have to be an Academy Award-caliber actress to have pulled that one off on cue.
    I’m not interested in Hillary solely because she’s a woman. That concept is insulting to both her and her female followers. I’m interested in her because she’s smart, worldly, experienced, and she has the mettle to deal with Congress and international leaders, and the compassion to address some of our most intractable social problems.

  12. Point taken, Gaetano. Still, I think most people see Hillary as a totally contrived candidate. My money’s still on her not winning the Democratic nomination.

  13. It looks like Hillary’s plan worked…women came out in drove’s to bail her out. I guess she knew what buttons she needed to push. Her plan clearly shifts to getting the Female vote. Women can relate to her pain. Men don’t or won’t see her in the same light.