Going from bad to worse

Repman readers know that NJ Transit is a personal bete noir of mine. The commuter train service isNj_transit_logo
routinely poor, the conductors’ attitudes are reminiscent of Stephon Marbury on a bad night and the restrooms make their Tanzanian counterparts look positively opulent.

So, I wasn’t too surprised a month or so back when NJT summarily decided to ‘short’ the 7:26am into the city. No announcements were made. No explanations given. One day, there was just one less car. And, one day, every Matawan commuter suddenly found himself standing the whole way.

NJT is in an enviable image and reputation standpoint. They don’t have to worry how bad their service is or how poorly they treat customers. There simply are few, if any, alternatives.

As a result, the passengers stand, sweat and sway as the 7:26 lurches and leans its way into the Big Apple. And, NJ Transit executives ease back in their office chairs secure in the knowledge they’ve once again reinforced their core positioning, ‘Just train bad.’

One thought on “Going from bad to worse

  1. I guess it is as they say…”you get what you pay for”. If you haven’t compared prices, New Jersey Transit is much less expensive than Metro North. For some reason New Jersey has held down prices…I don’t know why, but I’m sure they are going to give you crappy service until they are able to up the ante. I’m sure one of those lovely conductors will tell you why Metro North works better at the increased price.