Bottary’s back and the blogosphere’s got him

Leo Bottary’s excellent blog is back and better than ever. Leo’s a solid counselor and his insights
into the black, white and gray of client relationships is not only accurate, it’s also thought provoking. His recent one about "convincing" clients is spot on. I sometimes find myself deliberating as to how strongly I should push back on a client strategy. Obviously, each case is unique, but Bottary’s advice is evergreen. If you’re adamant about your POV and have the courage of your convictions, it’s in your and your client’s best interests that you "convince" him/her of its merit. Courage, though, is a prerequisite to convincing and what separates the wheat from the chaff.

One thought on “Bottary’s back and the blogosphere’s got him

  1. Thanks for the kind words Steve! I regard them as both a compliment and challenge to step it up with every post. I’m having a great deal of fun with it already and looking forward to an enjoyable time back in the blogosphere.