A market research company that doesn’t do market research

I love irony. The thicker, the better. How rich, then, is this voice mail?

“Hey Melissa, this is xxxxxxx xxxx calling from xxxxxxxxxxx. Um, I had been speaking with Dandy, and uh, I had been speaking with Steve Cody before he left Peppercom, um, regarding market research with you guys. So when you have a moment if you could give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx. If you want to check us out online before you call we’re at xxxxxxxxxxx.com. Thanks, Melissa.”

This poor guy not only believes that ‘…Steve Cody no longer works for Peppercom, but he’s also trying to pitch his market research company’s services to our very own Melissa Vigue. Ouch!

No need to expound on the damage a market researcher who doesn’t do market research can wreak on a market research company’s image and reputation (and, try saying that line three times fast).

2 thoughts on “A market research company that doesn’t do market research

  1. I had to do some digging to find this original blog, WealthNet. The words were simple and straightforward. A market research salesman had called someone at my firm suggesting she buy his services since I no was no longer employed by Peppercom. Since I still had (and have) my job, I found it ironic that this market researcher hadn’t done his market research.

  2. I think thats the most times anyone has ever said market research in a post ever. My mind is still trying to unwravel the complexities of what you said beyond those words. 😉