What happened to objectivity?

Senator Edward M. ‘Ted’ Kennedy has been all but buried by the mainstream media. Kennedy

The senator’s unfortunate bout with brain cancer has been big news for big media. The only problem has been a rush to debate how long the ailing pol will survive. It’s become a media death pool.

I find this all-too-typical pack mentality disturbing to say the least. Sure, there have been some objective, balanced reports aimed at educating readers, viewers and listeners. Sadly, though, most members of the Fourth Estate are awash with rumor, innuendo and speculation. What happened to responsible reporting? What happened to respecting the rights and privacy of the family? And, why are there not more checks and balances to mitigate this sort of paparazzi-style reportage?

Many media are quick to point the finger when they see examples of amateurish, unprofessional behavior by public relations executives. The Kennedy death watch is just the latest example of why someone or some ‘body’ needs to shine the spotlight on irresponsible journalism.

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