In this case, ignorance is anything but bliss

I’m amazed at the number of resumes pouring in from recent college grads or students on SummerJobs vacation.

They’re hungry for jobs and have decided that, after some cursory research, Peppercom would be the ideal match for their talents, energy and aspirations.

That may be, but these college kids are a day late and a dollar short. Most, if not all, businesses finalized their Summer intern and junior hires months ago. We were all set in April.

I’m not sure why so many students and graduates continue to make this very basic mistake every year. It could be apathy on their part, poor guidance by their parents and professors, or some other combination of reasons.

Whatever the cause, the end result is the same. They find few, if any, job opportunities.

Job market ignorance sends a strong, subliminal message to prospective employers: we wonder how prepared these students are for the real world? If they don’t take the time and initiative to learn how and when most firms begin their interview process for Summer/full-time employment, how likely are they to hit the ground running?

So, here’s an assignment for next Spring’s graduating class: start your job research now. Narrow your employers’ list by the Fall. Schedule interviews over the Winter holidays and push hard for a commitment by Spring. Demonstrating knowledge of the hiring process is a small, but important, part of shaping your own image and ensuring a successful job search.

3 thoughts on “In this case, ignorance is anything but bliss

  1. I’m entering my senior year in the fall and I’ve started sending out a few emails to firms that I’m interested in, but I get the vibe that I’m one of the only people in my class that has even begun thinking that specifically about my post-graduation plans. They drill it into our heads that we need an internship before we graduate, but I am yet to hear any professor discuss the timing of how the job market works even in a casual way.
    The only reason that I’ve learned to start thinking this far in advance is because when I was looking for summer internships early in spring semester, several of them told me that they had filled those in January and were actually starting the interview process for the fall.
    The good news, though, is that if the majority of college kids don’t realize this, it should cut down on the competition for the jobs I want.

  2. The Pcom intern coordinator thanks you for this post. On the flip side, I’ve actually received several resumes from people wanting to be interviewed now, for a position in 2009. We just can’t work that far ahead. Candidates need to find a happy medium.

  3. and NO….you CAN’T be a partner in 3 months! YES…that means NO equity, NO car allowance, NO fancy title, no staff reporting to you, and I’m afraid…no corner office! maybe next career 🙂