Add “No Fuel” To “No Frills”

US Airways should be heavily penalized if what its pilots’ union says is true.
Eager to cut costs wherever possible, US Airways is allegedly forcing pilots to fly with less fuel than pilots feel they should.

Forget about image and reputation. If true, US Airways is playing loose and fast with our lives. And, say the union representatives, the airline is punishing those pilots who’ve blown the whistle.

This is a disaster that US Airways needs to correct ASAP. I’ve heard of no frills airlines, but now we may have a no fuel airline on our hands. It’s disgraceful.

Thanks to Deb Brown for the idea.

3 thoughts on “Add “No Fuel” To “No Frills”

  1. I would like to know who is the genius that would even think of such a ridiculous plan. We have enough worries on being blown out of the sky or being flown into a high rise, now we have to worry about not having enough fuel ?
    So now my life hangs in the hands of a CEO, that is sitting at home, sipping on Cognac, while my pilot is stressed and wondering if he has enough fuel to land his airplane, that is carrying three hundred passengers.

  2. How many times have we been forced to fly in a “holding pattern” because of bad weather or rush-hour traffic? Not a good sign in the least. Next thing, they’ll be charging for parachutes.