London Doesn’t Do A.C.

I’m in the midst of a minor heat wave in London and, sad to say, the great, old city simply can’t cope. London

Whether it’s a theatre, a restaurant or happy little Hoxton Hotel, most buildings here have little, or no, air conditioning. And, with 80-plus degree temperatures, the end result can be a less-than-satisfactory experience.

I’m not sure if it’s always been this way or merely the latest manifestation of global warming. Regardless, one would think the powers that be would do something about it. (And, sad to say, I can recall sweating through similar London experiences the past two summers).

One expects cool, rainy days when visiting Jolly Old England. Maybe that’s why nothing’s changed?

Whatever the reason, I’d post a caveat traveler to anyone coming to London the rest of this summer or next. Be sure to check in advance that hotels, theatres, restaurants and others venues are properly wired for A.C. Otherwise, you may lose more than your money.

One thought on “London Doesn’t Do A.C.

  1. Meanwhile, over here in the U.S. people need to bundle up indoors during the summer. I wonder how much electricity we could save if every company turned the A.C. down a couple notches, rather than freezing their employees, guests, what have you. (Though I must admit Lee keeps PCom pretty comfortable).