The Second Battle of Britain

It usually starts as soon as I leave the plane. Paparazzi joust with journalists, who push aside commoners, all to get a look at Repman.

"Rep, over here!" screams one photographer. "Hey Repman, will you be blogging about Britain?" shouts a London Mail reporter, "Rep, oh Rep, please sign this t-shirt for my mum. She’s a huge fan," implores a mere commoner.

I put up with the all the fuss because, well, it goes with the turf. I’m no different than most celebrity bloggers. Our lives are no longer our own. 

So, imagine my surprise this time around when, after touching down at Heathrow, there was no gaggle of adoring fans. No lines of flashbulb-popping paparazzi. No line of hoi polloi imploring the great Repster for some sort of recognition.

"What the heck?" thought I. "Did the local media not know I was coming?" And then, I glanced at one of the television screens and it all became obvious. Obama! He was in town at the same time as me. "Curse him!"_done_obamaparliament

London was the final stop on the Illinois senator’s much-heralded "world tour." And, the British press were pulling out all the stops for him (or, should I say, "Him?").

Judging by the press coverage, Britain loves Obama. And, after eight years of W, who can really blame them?

Speaking on behalf of my fellow celebrity bloggers, though, I’m not happy. I miss the adulation. Who wouldn’t? And, I’m not sure whether to blame my schedulers, press agents, advance team, the London tabloids or Team Obama for not giving me a heads-up.

They’ll regret it. No one pre-empts the Repman’s local market coverage and gets away with it. In fact, I just may write a less-than-positive blog about the Obama phenomenon, and put a rather vicious British spin on it. How’s this for a headline: "Never has so much been said by so many about someone who has done so little?"

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