Just Call Me the Billy Packer of Blogging

PRWeek is launching a 32-blogger, NCAA-type, winner-take-all tournament tomorrow and yours truly has decided to handicap the field. I figure if Billy Packer can do it for the NCAA college basketball tournament, why can’t I provide the same prognosticating for the wonderful world of PR?Blogcompetition_rev2_23365

So, without further ado, here are my favorites (note: in order to satisfy Web 2.0’s relentless demand for truth, honesty and the transparent way, I must disclose that my partner-in-crime, Edward Aloysius Moed, is one of the 32 competitors. While I am not picking Ed to be a finalist, I could see him playing a real spoiler role right through the Sweet 16 [think: Loyola Marymount or Providence College, if you will]).

The PR Week Final Four:

Richard Edelman (he’s the John Wooden of PR blogging. With Edelman’s thousands of employees to vote on his behalf, Richard is my odds-on favorite to go all the way).

Steve Rubel (if Richard is the John Wooden of PR blogging, then Steve Rubel is the James Naismith of the sport. He was there on day one and has been THE major player ever since. Edelman vs. Rubel in the final with Edelman winning on some last-minute voting from the Far East).

Shel Holtz (Shel is a serious University of Kentucky-level competitor, whose blog is insightful and spot-on. He was also right there at the dawning of the PR blogosphere and will play his way into the Final Four.

Katie Paine (Forget Wooden and Naismith. Katie is the Adolph Rupp of PR measurement. Nobody’s done more to advance measurement in PR, and her blog is always spot-on. Look to Katie to also be a semifinalist.

FYI, my Great Eight would also include Pit Bulls and Labradors if for no other reason than I love both breeds. Let the games begin…..

One thought on “Just Call Me the Billy Packer of Blogging

  1. I find this entry quite telling. That is, your brother in arms, your partner, your colleague and I imagine, friend is in this competition and instead of being a peppercom homer, you decide to be a neutral “billy packer.” When the giants limped into last year’s playoffs many a neutral prognosticator foretold of their impending doom. Giant’s fans on the other hand believed in and supported their team through to its magical season’s end. In 1980, many a neutral commentator predicted the victory of the soviets against the eventual champion upstart USA runts. USA fans on the other hand swooned with the prospect and ultimate victory of their team. Why is it repman, conventional wisdom notwithstanding, that you are not blindly supporting your guy? You may ultimately prove to be correct in your prediction but it’s not always right to be right. Good luck Ed.