You’d Think She’d Know Better

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman and her entourage breezed into the seafood restaurant in which I was dining last night. As one might expect, there were quite a few knowing glances and a general cessation of the usual mumbles and harrumphs.

The waiter scurried up to greet Ms. Whitman. He bowed and sighed, "So nice to have you with us again, Governor Whitman."Whitman_christinetodd

The Whitman party of four was seated just behind me. How cool. But, as it turned out, I could have been sitting across the room and still heard some of her vitriolic comments.

You see, the erstwhile governor and cabinet member was not in a festive mood. I’m not sure what had set her off, but the invectives were flying faster than a souped-up NASCAR racer at Talladega.

Most of Ms. Whitman’s louder lamentations seemed aimed at the current administration. She bandied about words and phrases like "patsy" and "sacrificial lamb" to describe herself and her experiences. She also bemoaned the fact that no one from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had ever bothered to alert her in advance before "41" visited the Garden State.

Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned. And, we diners heard quite a few choice morsels from this scorned politico.

Ms. Whitman may be totally justified in her complaints. But, in this era of cell phone videos and Youtube postings, one would have thought the ex-governor would have been more circumspect. A less gentile and more enterprising Repman, for example, just might have gone for a scoop and posted the Michael Richards-like performance for all the world to see.

But, then, I’m not into the whole National Enquirer, kiss-and-tell type exposes. I thought a cautionary tale like this might be of more benefit to Governor Whitman, her handlers and anyone in the public eye who gives a lobster’s tail about image and reputation.

2 thoughts on “You’d Think She’d Know Better

  1. I’ll be sure to bring my trusty cell phone next time, Lunchboy. As for the National Enquirer’s abilities, they’ve missed as much as they’ve caught. If you can, read David Carr’s expose on the Enquirer in yesterday’s NY Times.

  2. Easy on the National Enquirer, Rep. It did, after all, get a huge scoop on Edwards while major media ignored it all. Major media missed the boat and I think there is still more to this story. They should be ashamed.
    As for Whitman, you should have captured some of her actions and shared them with us.