An Unhealthy Health Club

Guest Blog by Chris "Repman, Jr." Cody, Newly-minted Junior Account Executive in the Peppercom UK Office

Those of you who are familiar with my father’s exploits in the realm of fitness (Mt. Kilimanjaro, marathons, etc.) will be happy to know that Repman Jr. is a chip off the ol’ block.  I’m what some might consider a health freak (though I do enjoy a pint or three).  So, naturally my first move upon setting up shop in London was to join a gym. 
I require a gym that fits my needs.  I need it to be close to the office, relatively large (yet not so large that it alienates the individual), and, of course, it needs to have copious amounts of barbells and dumbbells.  So, you can imagine my happiness when I found Market Sports Club within two minutes walking distance from the Peppercom UK office that seemed to fit the bill.

After work on Monday, I walked over to the gym and, after a lengthy registration process, I was given the tour of the facilities.  This place was too good to be true.  A huge weight room filled with bench presses and pull up bars was followed by a pool, a sauna and then a steam room.  "This place is jolly good eh what?" I thought to myself in a British accent.

And then the tour ended with the final highlight of the gym:  the tanning bed room.  "Why would you have tanning beds at a health club?" I asked.  Marta, the Polish personal trainer, replied in broken English that they were used to "maintain a healthyTanningbed glow throughout the year."  Rather than argue with this absurd logic, I smiled wanly and quickly wrapped up the tour.  But on the walk home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the mixed messages being sent by this purported health club.  "Have a run on the treadmill, blast your pecs, and contract melanoma. Cheers Mate!"

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