Lights. Camera. Action!

We just created a way cool, three-minute video all about Peppercom and our culture. We did so for two reasons:

1) We had to. PR News had nominated us as midsized agency of the year and required a video from each finalist firm.

2) We felt our web site desperately needed something visual to spruce it up.

So, a bunch of us sat down to discuss what our video should look and feel like. This may sound trite but, for a strategic communications firm, it’s critical. After all, we routinely counsel clients on the critical importance of communications accurately reflecting an organization’s culture. No one would believe a warm and fuzzy message from a predatory beast of a company (think: Redmond, Washington). In the same vein, an audience would laugh at a cutting-edge, out-of-the-box communique from, say, a Dundler Mifflin type organization (Sorry Rainn, but Dundler Mifflin Infinity hasn’t changed my mind about your organization being totally antiquated and out-of-touch with the realities of the modern business world).

When we discussed the Peppercom video, we wanted it to reflect exactly who we are: a group that takes our clients’ business very seriously and a group that takes our own business very seriously. But, we’re also a group that doesn’t take ourselves seriously at all. Our culture is fast-paced and furious. But, man, do we ever like to have fun. We like to kid around. And, unlike a few PR firms I can think of, we don’t believe we’re making the world a much better place (we do our bit but, solving world hunger is, sadly, beyond our core competencies).

So, we all agreed on a fun, lighthearted video. Some suggested a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update approach. Others recommended a series of David Letterman-like stunts (maybe tossing Ed out of a fifth floor window?). We settled on Clayton Fletcher’s idea. Clayton is a professional comedian who has helped us with client presentations and management development. He’s a very funny guy. And, he came up with a very funny concept that, we think, nails exactly what makes us unique.

See what you think. Click the link, or search "Peppercom" on YouTube, and let me know if you agree.

4 thoughts on “Lights. Camera. Action!

  1. Yesterday was my first day as an intern at Peppercom and that video was one of the first things in my mailbox. It was great walking into such a lighthearted environment!

  2. As a former Peppercom-er, I can say this pretty accurately captures what makes Peppercom so great: its fresh approach, its people…and its sense of humor. Nicely done.