What Fresh Hell is This?

Dorothy Parker, bohemian author, raconteur and member of the fabled Algonquin Round Table was renowned for scanning the morning New York Times headline and exclaiming, "What fresh hell is this?"300_74771

I had the exact same reaction to the latest campaign machinations. At first, I thought McCain’s decision to suspend the campaign and return to DC to help fix the financial mess was pure genius. I thought it boxed Obama in the corner and made him look reactive at best. At the same time, it allowed McCain to point to his campaign slogan and say, "See, we really are putting country first."

Then, I listened to Obama’s response, suggesting that a president needed to multitask and that macro campaign issues could be discussed while he and McCain provided whatever assistance they could to the battered bastards of the Beltway.

And, then, there was Sarah’s interview with Katie Couric. Palin literally couldn’t name anything that McCain had done to warn Americans of the impending crisis or prevent Wall Street from subverting the deregulated markets. She’s such an empty suit.

And what are we, the voters, left with? A shattered economy, a divided country and two politicians who seem more intent on one-upping one another than fixing the mess of the last eight years.

As Ms. Parker would say, "What fresh hell is this?"

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