Exercise Your Mind or Your Body. But Not At the Same Time

I go to the gym for an intense workout. Whether it’s running, lifting weights, cruising through the elliptical trainer or some combination thereof, I like to push my body to the max. It helps me unwind and refresh at the same time.

So, I honestly don’t understand the people who sit on the exercise bike, walk on the treadmill or slowly stride their way through an elliptical trainer workout while reading a book or magazine!

What is that all about? How many calories does one burn while ever so slowly scanning the latest tips from Cosmo?

I wouldn’t mind so much except that it always seems these are the very same people who boast about their regular exercise. Puh-lese. Sure, reading a book while slowly strolling on  a treadmill is better than doing nothing. But, I wouldn’t categorize it as a workout.Campbells

Just last night, ABC World News Tonight ran a segment about the amazing rise in popularity of comfort food.  According to the report, only one major corporate stock rose during Monday’s freefall: Campbell’s. Savvy investors apparently know that people turn to comfort foods (read: fatty foods) during times of extreme uncertainty. While that may be understandable, it’s certainly not laudable. How can a nation with
two-thirds of its population already overweight possibly stand by and watch them load up on even more junk? On the other hand, fewer people mean more jobs for the rest of us.

Americans need to turn away from comfort food, put down their books when cycling and start some real exercising. In my book (which I don’t read while running, btw), exercise trumps eating for stress reduction any day of the week.

4 thoughts on “Exercise Your Mind or Your Body. But Not At the Same Time

  1. The blog was a tad tongue-in-cheek, Bubbles. Exercise of any kind is important. But, I see people reading books on treadmills who are walking so slowly that they run the risk of being mistaken for statues. Pick up the pace, Bubbles!

  2. Not everyone who owns a treadmill or elliptical with a reading rack using the rack for reading. A treadmill reading rack can be used for holding a magazine, book, mp3 player, eyeglasses, remote control and so on. You may not think you need one of these accessories but they are very inexpensive and most are “one-size-fits-all.”

  3. Oh come on RepMan. Don’t you think that criticizing people for reading while on a treadmill or exercise bike is a little far out there? I agree that a sweat inducing heart racing work out might contribute to a more chiseled look, but you are wrong to assume that everyone is exercising for the same reasons you are. Also, there are plenty of people who cannot “pump” as hard as you can. Then there are those who wouldn’t exercise if they couldn’t read. I used to get on the treadmill, and found it so supremely boring that I HAD to have something to read. You exercise your way, and let the rest of us to it out way. This is just a little too “holier than thou” for me.