3 thoughts on “Game. Set. Match.

  1. Wow. You must have had your lunch early, today, Lunch boy. Lots of energy. I’ll let the political discussion be for now. as for the NLCS, I’ve already moved on. No interest without the Mets.

  2. As the media maven that you are, I know you realize that this in an opinion piece from a paper that endorses Obama. On November 4, we’ll all pick our own poison. Taxes will be raised by either candidate (in some shape or form) – we all know that.
    And, it is my opinion that paying taxes is patriotic, but having to pay higher taxes doesn’t make me or you more of a patriot of America, it bleeds my wallet is what it does. All of the taxes I have paid thus far in my life have never helped me in terms of a government handout – excluding military and police protection.
    Being co-founder of Peppercom has earned you a great deal of material wealth…are you planning to part with it via higher taxes? As you and your business partner pay more in taxes, will you be able to provide more jobs? As you are taxed more, might that mean that you will have to pay Pcomer’s less, hire less of them, and cut your benefits packages to make up for the higher taxes.
    The only people who benefit from taxing the rich (well, in Obama’s case, the middle and upper class) are the hungry politicians that want to spend our money.
    Close to the top 10% of income earners pay more than 70% of the income tax burden, asking ME and YOU to pay more is not patriotic…that is socialism.
    As for Tommy’s mention of Iceland, Russia and what may happen here, well, I will offer him some FACTS – not my opinion – to consider. The results that we are seeing today in the financial world are very similar to financial panics that happened in the 1930s, 1907, 1873, 1857, 1837 and 1792. All of these are in the stock tables. All were shocking. All fully recovered – usually within two years (the worst was four years on a total return basis.). The financial system’s decline has turned very ugly – but it is likely far closer to its end than its beginning. At some point ahead, hopefully very soon, the efforts of central bankers and rate cuts will gain traction. Then, whichever politician is in office can take credit for the turn-around.
    Today, I am having a burger and then I will work it off before enjoying my Phillies beat the sh*t out of those Dodgers. Who are you rooting for (in the NLCS, of course)?

  3. Nicely played, sir. NICELY played! (Read in deepest Jon Stewart patrician baritone.)