Live from New York? You Betcha!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin seems to believe in the admonition, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Sources report that the oft-ridiculed GOP VP candidate will appear as a guest on an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.Stinafeysarahpalinlarge

I love the idea. It reinforces Palin’s rough-and-tumble image and her willingness to enter the lion’s den (if she can deal with Philadelphia Flyers fans, how much worse can the SNL cast be?).

At the same time, though, she’s a dope. And, if she’s not careful, Palin could easily make a gaffe that would just reinforce her daffiness.

We’ll just have to see what transpires. But, it’s really amazing to see the impact popular culture now has on the political process. To the best of my knowledge, Richard Nixon started the “candidate on a comedy show” trend in 1968 when he appeared on “Laugh-in.” Since then, we’ve seen Clinton blowing on his sax (don’t go there), Arnold announcing his candidacy on Leno and now Sarah on SNL.

Will it affect the polls? Doubtful. Do I admire Sarah for doing it? You betcha!

Thanks to Carl Foster for the idea.

One thought on “Live from New York? You Betcha!

  1. Admire her? For what? Her appearance is not to be compared with your fortitude and courage to do stand-up comedy. I have no admiration for someone who refuses to be interviewed by CNN or The Today Show. That would take real courage on her part. To step into a scripted and scrubbed world is totally different from what you do.