You Betcha!

Let me preface this blog by saying I’m a Barack Obama supporter. That said, I’m absolutely amazed to see and read all the glowing reviews of Sarah Palin’s performance in last night’s debate.

Simply because Sarah didn’t have a brain freeze or ramble on and on in nonsensical non sequiturs, pundits and consumers alike seem to think she did amazingly well.

Not me. Her "You betcha!" and "Say it ain’t so, Joe!" quips didn’t resonate with me. And, she’s done absolutely nothing to convince me she has the depth of intellect or character to manage the myriad crises facing the next administration. Francesfargo

When I see Sarah Palin, I see Frances McDormand’s "Sheriff Marge" character in the movie Fargo. I see this quirky, down-home, part-time wife and part-time small town
sheriff trying to deal with a grisly murder. While Sheriff Marge rose to the occasion in the movie, I don’t see Candidate Sarah following suit. In fact, I see her as nothing more than an empty suit.

Did anything Sarah say or do last night change my thinking at all? Nope. Am I still voting for Obama? You betcha!

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  1. To each his or her own, CPO Kasko. Sarah Palin reminds me of some dimwit you’d meet at a Newcomers/Welcome Wagon reception. She’s an intellectual lightweight who could never manage, much less comprehend, the incredible nightmare being left behind by W. She may sound like, and resonate with, lots of Red Staters, but that doesn’t mean she has what it takes to right the wrongs of the past eight years.

    The one we should shudder bout becoming president/VP is Obama — totally unprepared, no great accomplishments, horrendously liberal, etc. Sure, he gives a great speach, inspires people, and is smart. But that’s not enough to earn my vote.
    We can all make fun of Sarah Palin’s phrases and how she speaks, but rest assured, she is connecting with average people in “middle America,” where, believe it or not, people actually speak like that and connect to one another. We East Coast “elites” simply don’t understand this.
    In response you some of the questions posted here — You betcha, I like Sarah Palin, I think is qualified (more so that Obama) to be VP, I think she has character, I think she is closer to my values, and I agree with her on more issues than I do with the Democrats. Millions of Americans feel this way and will vote for McCain & Palin, in part, because of it.
    Is she as smart or polished as Obama? Maybe not – but those are not the only (or even main) qualifications for electing someone to office.

  3. Lunch, I have a simple yes/no question for you: Do you want Sarah Palin to be president?
    Actually I have another question for you:
    When did you become so durn grumpy?

  4. Capitalist Pig, Obama did visit the UK and some 200K people showed up during a concert. That is an example of foreign relations. He also knows Bruce Springsteen – so there is your achievement for uniting the country. His counterpart served in the Navy until 1981 where he received the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. He retired and was elected to the Senate in 1982. Obviously it’s tough to see who might be the better leader of the two, here.
    I did do that research I promised over the weekend, on both candidates, and I decided that I want more government handouts. I want more government, period. 40 mm American’s getting on the health insurance boat, let me pay for it (I am paying for their homes now, anyway). Then, when I ask for the government to protect me, well, just raise my taxes for more government “protection” and then build new programs that help those who chose not to help themselves. God bless America.

  5. I share your real fear Steve, only for the inexperience on the TOP of your ticket. I’ll be forthright with you – I believe the American voters who are supporting Barack Obama don’t have a clue what they’re doing, as evidenced by the fact that not one of them – NOT ONE of them I’ve spoken to can spell out his qualifications. Not even the most liberal media can explain why he should be elected. Political
    experience? Negligible. Foreign relations? Non-existent. Achievements? Name one. Someone who wants to unite the country? If you haven’t read his wife’s thesis from Princeton , look it up on the web. This is who’s lining up to be our next First Lady? The only thing I can glean from Obama’s constant harping about change is that we’re in for a lot of new taxes.
    This election shouldn’t be about “who is less like George Bush” and more like “Who’s most qualified to lead our country in a time of uncertainty”.

  6. Capitalist Pig, the original blog concerned my very real fear that Sarah’s not even remotely qualified for the job. If she becomes VP, your side doesn’t win. We all lose.

  7. Ted, the problem is that no one on opposite sides of the political spectrum can see the world objectively. It’s up to the 54 percent of the rest of us to find common ground and get things done. Even when their own best interests are threatened, people will continually, and mindlessly, vote the same way.

  8. Somebody made a great point yesterday when we were talking about the upcoming Palin/Biden debate: This is the same country that elected George Bush into office…twice.
    Now, politics aside, we can all agree that Bush is not a great speaker; he shares some of the same deer in the headlight traits as Palin — especially when faced with a difficult question — and is probably one of the least intelligent presidents in our history. But he was still elected…twice.
    This shows us that as much as the Palin and Bush types scare some people, they resonate very well with others, forming a strong and everlasting bond with these people.
    This is the new America – two nations, headed in two very different directions.

  9. Wow… a bunch of liberal banter about how dangerous Sarah Palin is. There’s one problem. The same reasons you are giving Biden the win last night (experience, foriegn policy, etc) are the same reasons McCain won the debate against Obama. And let’s not forget who is running for President.
    BTW: Don’t you think we (conservatives) are laughing at how angry you all are about Palin? Attacks only come when you are on the defensive.

  10. “What’s so confusing? McCain is dangerous and Palin is an ex-beauty queen contestant turned tun toting baby machine hockey mom.”
    Again, I will stick to researching the platforms while you blather on with your funny sound bytes…like any extreme conservative or liberal will from now through the election.
    Really, Mayo, your excellent argument sold me [sic]! Thanks for making me see the light (and proving my point).

  11. What’s so confusing? McCain is dangerous and Palin is an ex-beauty queen contestant turned tun toting baby machine hockey mom. You trust the GOP to have had McCain declared in “exceptionally good health” before they backed him? What? Where did you get that? Besides, while he may not be UN-healthy, is is a 72 year old man who has had two bouts with cancer. I don’t want either of them anywhere near the White House. And for the life of me, I do not know why anyone would.

  12. Extra Mayo (I hope you’re of the reduced fat variety), your post makes no sense -especially how you opine on Palin after referencing something I wrote about McCain’s health. Can you elaborate how that quote and your opinion fit together? Thanks in advance.

  13. Let’s face it, Steve, as Colbert has said, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

  14. “GOP wouldn’t have let him get this far unless they knew he was in exceptionally good health?” Lunch? Is that really you? Me thinks you have been blinded by her gams. Either that or you are now getting news from Archie & Jughead. She is a frighteningly inept person and I shudder to think that she could hold one of the highest positions of governmental responsibility in the world. Go chase some skirt you might actually catch.

  15. In not one instance did I say I would be comfortable with her as the VP. I was just giving my opinion/feedback on what I saw during last night’s debate. And, that feedback offered some info on Biden’s performance since your blog post did not.
    I also think that a 40-something year old community organizer, who is a known smoker, could just as easily have a heart attack at any given moment – then we’re left Biden at the helm and he didn’t even win the Bronze Metal when running against his own party!
    I think the “heartbeat away” talk has got to go too…dontcha think that the GOP wouldn’t have let him get this far unless they knew he was in exceptionally good health and could last 4+ years? His mother looks great in her 90s, too.
    Eight years ago this country faced a decision on the lesser of two evils. It appears we chose wrong, obviously. I am of the mindset that we’re in the same spot – neither candidate is a homerun and anyone with a pulse knows it otherwise we wouldn’t be a virtual tie.
    If you really want to know, this voter is actually reading as much as he can of both candidates’ respective platforms. What we see on TV is politics and not much can be learned there…other than whether or not Palin has been coached well or not. Obviously, she has good handlers and neither you nor I can blame the GOP for that. Can we?

  16. Thanks for the input, Lunchboy. I’m genuinely surprised to see/hear/read comments like yours. Are you honestly comfortable with this woman being a heartbeat away from the presidency? You think she has a grasp of what’s going on in the world? I shudder to think of her dealing with truly weighty issues.

  17. I think she did fine. Better than expected. And, a tie is in win in this viewers mind considering how everyone expected her to fail.
    Rep, not everyone sounds the same or uses the colloquialisms – so when things sound different they irritate. Is it that simple? You betcha 😉 !!
    As for Biden, and all of his experience, I was expecting him to blow her away…but then again, here is a guy who came in 7th (I could be off a spot or two, but I don’t think so) in his own party’s running. Speaking of which, Flackman, did you see/hear the Obama commercial that aired immediately following the debate? It was WORD for WORD Biden’s comments during the debate about McCain’s healthcare plan. Talk about coaching, eh?
    Did anyone notice how many times Biden said “…this is the most fundamental difference between…” That term, posters and blogger, should have only been used once, right?

  18. I think all presidential candidates and their teams should take a mandatory IQ test, before running. The public deserves to know, If you can’t spell potatoe, hit the road!

  19. Yep, she was a well trained little monkey. Well with a few exceptions, as when she referred to Senator O’Biden. (Maybe she’s hunting the Irish vote?) And when she winked. And when she refused to answer questions and when she back pedaled. But I think my favorite was when she said Biden’s wife has a place in heaven (because she is a teacher.) Uhhh make that DOES have a place. This is the dead first wife. God help us all if this winkin’ and blinkin’ bimbo is VP when McCain nods off.

  20. And, I guarantee Governor Palin has no idea of the origins of the expression: “Say it ain’t so, Joe.” FYI, a disappointed Chicago White Sox fan shouted it at Shoeless Joe Jackson after the latter admitted to “throwing” the 1919 World Series.

  21. Sarah Palin proved one thing: she is coachable. All I heard was lots of verbal lipstick.

  22. Gosh darn it! I’m with ya on that one! Just because she was finally (in my eyes) charming, doesn’t mean her beliefs have changed! The media has a very short memory today.