Happy Days are Here Again

Who says all spam is, well, spam?

Here's a great new source of personal income that someone named Diana Start from Typingathometoday.com is offering everyone, even bloggers like me: 

Hey there,

Can you type? Even at hunt and peck speed? Then you can do this on your spare time.


You can turn it from something ranging from $65 to $235 per day on a just a few minutes a day.


If you want a little control in this nutty economy – here is the way.




ps – this is not for everyone, but anyone can do it.

And, hey, with clients cutting budgets and the media pounding us with non-stop doom and gloom messages, I'm taking Diana's offer seriously.

Diana, you should see my fingers fly as I belt out blogs, byliners and business plans on a daily basis. I'm equally adept on blackberries, laptops or desktops. And, I pride myself on both the quantity and quality of my typing. Heck, I may even have creative ideas for you and your customers to "jazz up" their correspondence. Would you pay extra for that?

So, sign me up. I'm also open to selling apples on the corner, polishing shoes at train stations or doing anything else that reinforces such "sky is falling" type spam.

Yes, folks, happy days are here again.

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