It Could Only Happen in America

Yes, Virginia, Joe the Plumber has retained the services of a public relations firm. Joe, an unlicensed Ohio plumber who skyrocketed to fame as a result of challenging Barack Obama and subsequently appearing on John McCain speaking gigs, has hired The Press Office in Nashville._45113142_joe512

According to O'Dwyer's, Joe is hoping The Press Office can create enough buzz for him to land a Country & Western record deal. Apparently, Joe does far more than simply unclog toilets. He also sings and plays guitar.

Can you believe the lunacy of this? And, you know what? Some bogus record label will sign Joe hoping to gain some buzz from his ersatz buzz.

I can just imagine the album.

I'd call it "Joe the Plumber Pipes Up" and would suggest such singles as:

– "If I Had a Wrench"
– "Plumbing the Depths"
– "(I've Got) Those Palin Blues"
– "A Red State Blue Collar Guy"
– "Mac Ain't Back'"
– "Oh Mama, Tell Me it Ain't Obama"

This has platinum record written all over it.

And, how about the PR firm? I can just imagine their next big business presentation:

– Prospective client: "So, tell us about your agency."
– "Well, we're based in Nashville, have been around for years and represent such classic brands as Grand Funk Railroad, Waylon Jennings and, oh yes, Joe the plumber."

Gimme a break! This could only happen in America.

8 thoughts on “It Could Only Happen in America

  1. Tell me how this isn’t a smart choice for The Press Office, Art. If the three of us are talking about the firm right now, I wonder what budding stars are saying about it. I wonder what the competition is saying about it.
    I’d agree with you both if we were talking about major, credentialed agency trying to land Brittany Spears for crisis work or Paris Hilton to better her image. But, we’re talking about a country music PR firm who wants to represent Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher aka “Joe the Plumber” based on the notoriety he has won (but didn’t ask for) and the fact that he can carry a tune (I’m sure they have heard a demo-tape at least).
    I don’t see any harm in that…in fact, I see a nimble agency that is trying to capitalize on a win amongst its own peers and might be representing one of country’s next stars.

  2. You bring up a really good point, Steve, about the reputation of the PR industry. Marketing and PR professionals, like any professional, should always be about making smart choices. This smacks entirely of capitalizing on a tempest in a teapot, and trying to score a big payday before the tempest subsides. I think that chasing dollars like that, however, doesn’t account for the bigger picture, and could potentially do damage not only to the industry but the firm in question, as well.

  3. You can make that argument, but again we’re talking about Country music and its external audiences here. From what I read online about The Press Office, this seems to fit their MO for client representation and Joe will be a welcomed client (I’m guessing since I haven’t heard of any of their current artists).
    Sure the industry needs to be taken more seriously as a whole, but I’m not sure how much a niche firm in a niche marketplace is going to harm that effort. Perhaps you should let Jack know via a letter to the Editor.
    What’s more: maybe Joe the Plumber is just what country music needs…and The Press Office is the firm to deliver it. I’d suggest that he and Hank Williams partner up for something truly special – a duet about change in country music. Or not.

  4. I hope this rube knows more about music than he does about economics, business or foreign policy. He needs to exit the stage and follow Palin into oblivion.

  5. Sorry, Lunchboy, but I disagree. I think Joe the Plumber’s move to retain a PR firm is the type of thing that gives public relations a shabby image. How can we ever hope to be taken seriously when our members are willing to shill for an unlicensed plumber whose only claim to fame is that he confronted Obama at a campaign stop?

  6. Can you really blame the guy for cashing in on what has become of him? Plenty of other no-namers who gained fame have continued it via the reality TV route. At least this guy is trying to do so with his perceived talent.
    And, if you’re trying to make it in country music (like I know you secretly are), Nashville is the place to be. I’m sure that the PR firm could help him get noticed – possibly with clients they already have on retainer.
    Jokes aside, this seems like a win-win to this reader…even if I hate Nashville, hate country and could care less about Joe and/or his ability to fix toilets and play the git-fiddle.

  7. talk about sour grapes- just b/c you didnt him as a client doesn’t mean you need to cry about it.