Confused About Caroline

I don't know what to make of Caroline Kennedy's intention to succeed Hillary Clinton as New York's junior senator.     Kennedy

On the one hand, I adore all things Camelot. On the other hand, Caroline strikes me as about as qualified for the U.S. Senate as Sarah Palin was for the vice presidency.

For me, the deciding factor is the current economic maelstrom. If Caroline wanted to pursue her destiny in a go-go growth era, I'd say go for it. But, these dark, dreary days of debt and despair call for decades of decision-making experience. Toss in all the paparazzi nonsense that's likely to smother every second of Caroline's "run" and it all seems so unnecessary. Especially now.

Caroline Kennedy has a sterling image and reputation. And, while I'm sure she's responding to some higher, inner calling, I can't help but think this whole adventure will end badly.

But, hey, I've been wrong many times before. "Senator Kennedy" does have a certain familiar and reassuring sound to it. And, lord knows, the state and the country could sure use some reassurance right around now.

2 thoughts on “Confused About Caroline

  1. You make some interesting points, Rebecca. Of course the Kennedy camp would argue that Caroline’s grown up around politics, seen her father, uncle and cousins govern and would bring a combination of those experiences (along with an “outsider’s view) to the Senate seat. In my opinion, that’s not enough. I’d like to see someone like Michael Bloomberg assume Hilary Clinton’s seat. Someone who’s independently wealthy, knows how to manage a large and complex organization and doesn’t owe favors to anyone. Unfortunately, Bloomberg’s sights seem set on the NYC mayoral post for the next four years.

  2. Good post – and I agree for the most part.
    One comment, though, that’s somewhat troubling to me: “If Caroline wanted to pursue her destiny in a go-go growth era, I’d say go for it.”
    Should we only wait until the worst of times to elect experienced, perfect-for-the-job candidates? It seems to me that part of the reason we’re in this economic mess right now is a result of years and years of poor leadership, bad judgment, and – yes – inexperienced political leaders. Unfortunately, Caroline’s father never really got a chance to really show America, and the world, what he was really made of – but I think the argument can be made he lacked a certain level of experience the country needed in 1960. Although the guy he beat eventually made it to the White House, and we all know how that ended. Case in point: YEARS of poor decisions.
    I personally don’t trust that the familiarity of Ms. Kennedy’s name (and let’s be honest, that’s really all she’s got) will do New Yorkers any good – here at home, or in Washington. Reassurance, sure, for some. But we need more than a pat on the head and a “better days are coming” party line. We need someone who really knows the ropes and can get things done. Time – and money – is running out.