Is It the End of the Beginning?

Maybe it's just my "glass is always half full" approach to life, but I do believe I'm beginning to see a small smattering of positive economic headlines coming from the business press.

Just this weekend, for example, The New York Times heralded a bullish economic forecast from a group of, what else, economic forecasters. Naturally, the forecasters' views that President-elect Obama's stimulus package will re-charge our country's economic engine were offset by other economists who felt otherwise but, hey, the headline was upbeat.

I also spotted a very upbeat ditty about Hollywood's very solid holiday ticket sales ("Hollywood's Superheroes Save the Day"). Sure, the story was buried beneath a larger one that once again focused on the horror show that is Detroit but, hey, it was another positive headline!

I'll admit I'm hard-pressed to find a third example but maybe, just maybe, the media13107594.tracksfade
has finally had its fill of non-stop negativity. Maybe, just maybe, some editors will see an emerging trend and actually start publishing positive words and phrases in their headlines and leads. And, maybe, just maybe, we are starting to see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

Taking a page out of Winston Churchill's speech book, we might not be near the beginning of the end of our economic woes but maybe, just maybe, we're at the end of the beginning.

One thought on “Is It the End of the Beginning?

  1. Now that Joe Francis and Larry FLynt are seeking a bailout, it would seem that some US industries are still in need of help.
    What a farce…some slick PR, however.