The Power of Co-Branding – in 30 Minutes or Less

Guest post by Sandy Pfaff

While it’s often fun to point out the mistakes of branding gone bad, when companies get it right, it’s cause for celebration.  Just in time for this year’s SuperBowl, I can now buy a Dominos pizza right from my TiVo.  Tivo_logo_man

Although this won’t do much to tame the obesity issues in this country, if done right, this is a brilliant marketing partnership.  And one can only imagine what’s next for so-called “T-commerce” opportunities.  Co-branding with Ticketmaster for sporting and entertainment events; collaboration with Fresh Direct or for grocery delivery.  Even better, how about a partnership with Ethan Allen to upgrade that couch? 

Launched in November, the promotion has just now made its way to my neck of the woods, or maybe being hungry made me see it for the first time.  While the introductory video and mini-advertisement could be better, that’s ok – I’m already hooked.   The convenience is pretty unbeatable, and in a perfect world we’d use that time saving 30-minute delivery window for other good things like spending quality time with our family and loved ones, going for a run to make room for that pizza, or paying bills on time.  Nah, let’s just watch more TV.  I’ll take a veggie – hold the onions.

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