The Root of All Evil

The old aphorism notwithstanding, money is not the root of all evil. In my mind, it's organized religion.

Just take a look around us: the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the border tensions between India and Pakistan, the Israeli invasion of Gaza. It goes on and on. One could argue these conflicts are also about money, land and power. And, they'd be right. But, at its core, the root cause of the world's problems is organized religion.

Evangelical Christians think it's their way or the highway. Ditto for fundamental Islamic militants, Orthodox Jews, Scientologists, Mormons, etc. You name the religious group and they'll tell you not only why their way is the only way, they'll often justify why their far right wing contingents are justified in undermining, if not destroying, anyone who disagrees.

Ziggy Marley explains it very well in "In the Name of God." So, too, do Crosby, StillsMaher
and Nash in "Cathedral." But, it was Bill Maher that got me thinking about religion with his excellent documentary, "Religiulous". If you haven't seen it, do so. In fact, I'd suggest it's worth seeing if you're an avowed atheist or proselytizing protestant. It raises questions we all need to ponder. Especially now.

I often wonder how the leaders of these radical religious fundamentalist groups rationalize their killing in the name of God, Allah or whomever. Whatever became of live and let live?

4 thoughts on “The Root of All Evil

  1. Thanks CPO Kasko. I agree that organized religion in, and of, itself is not evil. It’s the horrors that have been perpetrated in the name of organized religion that is pure evil. The more evangelical/fundamentalist the religion, the more evil it seems to create.

  2. Steve:
    I enjoy reading your posts when they touch on religion and politics (sometimes I agree, sometimes I disagree).
    I think you are painting with a broad brush on this one. I don’t think you can say “organized religion” itself is the root of all evil. It’s the people leading or representing religions – and their arrogrance, lack of tolerance, poor judgement, etc. that has caused some evil and misery throughout history. These people have used (and continue to use) religion (organized or otherwise) to justify evil things, no??
    Organized religion has also brought our planet many good things – although I guess you could say the same thing about money, too (root of good, root of evil)?
    CPO Kasko