Brake for Moose

The rest of the sign read: "It may save a life. Hundreds of accidents." As I spied this and similar signs dotting the northern New Hampshire roadway, I started wondering: what was the author's intent? Brake-for-moose

Did he/she think a motorist would speed up and purposely try to smash into a 1000-pound moose? When he mentioned lifesaving, was he referring to humans, moose or both?

And, was the "hundreds of accidents" a lament, a boast or an exhortation? Was he/she disappointed there weren't more? Are Maine and Vermont motorists speeding ahead in the Moose-maiming sweepstakes? Was the road sign the writer's desperate attempt to inspire "Live free or die" drivers to step on the gas?

And, what sort of signs do moose create for their ilk? "Halt for motorists. Do you really need to cross that highway? Do humans suck, or what?"

I can't speak for other motorists (and certainly not for the average moose), but this blogger will most certainly hit the brakes pronto if, and when, he sees antlers up ahead. I don't want to be the one to put the N.H. State total over the millenial mark.

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