The network who cried wolf

July 8 - What should constitute 'breaking news'? The Kennedy assassination would certainly qualify in my mind. So, too, would the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. And, I'd also list Michael Jackson's untimely passing as another breaking news item.

But, the powers that be at CNN have certainly watered down my perception of breaking news with their reportage of Jacko's memorial service.

I'm neither hard-hearted nor mean-spirited but, excuse me, the Paris Jackson quote is not breaking news.

I typically click on the CNN breaking news alerts when I spy them on my blackberry. But, after a week's worth of non breaking news alerts, I'm becoming a little gun shy. By crying wolf with these bogus alerts, CNN runs the risk of alienating audience members like me. So, note to the CNN newsroom folk: let's schedule an internal meeting ASAP and review the parameters of what constitutes breaking news and what's better left for the evening tabloid shows.

4 thoughts on “The network who cried wolf

  1. Thanks for the thoughts, Erin. I would definitely take exception to the ‘there is no such thing as bad press’ statement. Bernie Madoff, AIG and GM would most likely agree with me. CNN dilutes the impact of its ‘breaking news’ by sending non-news. The more they do it, the more I (and others) will go elsewhere for ‘real’ news.

  2. While I agree with you that the Paris Jackson quote is not breaking news, CNN is succeeding in keeping itself top of mind in the eyes of its viewers or in your case readers. For now, you may not read the CNN breaking news clips that come across your Blackberry but I am a firm believer of something one of my professors told me in college: there is no such thing as bad press (in the grand scheme of things). I’m sure that statement has several caveats, which is why I said ‘in the grand scheme of things.’

  3. Can’t agree enough. I’m losing patience with “The Most Trusted Name in News” because 90% of the time, I’m asking “where’s the news?”

  4. I agree. ESPN and CNBC are just as bad. Every segment is hyped as “breaking news” or an “exclusive.”