There’s a fine line between aggressive and obnoxious

July 15 - Your Plaque Preview It's got to be brutally tough to work for a media property these days.

Newspapers and magazines are falling faster than the Mets' winning percentage and resumes from unemployed journalists are washing up on my desk like the flotsam and jetsam of some 19th century shipwreck.

Desperate survivors are doing anything and everything to make money for their ailing properties.

I'm typically inundated with any number of spam e-mails offering discounts on this magazine's conference or that trade publication's e-newsletter. And, whenever Peppercom is cited in some sort of awards or rankings issue, I receive unwanted solicitations from the cottage industries that surround the media like pilot fish around a shark. 

July 15 - email
I respect the fact that everyone has to earn a buck and put food on the table. But, I found this  particular entreaty amazingly boorish. I'm neither interested in the 'award' nor in ordering a plaque for a mere $129 (plus $12 for shipping).

But, it's the fait accompli tone of the spam that set me off. It reflects poorly on the individual and the organization she represents.

There's a fine line between aggressive and obnoxious. And this communiqué crossed it.

Before I end, though, I wanted to let you know about a special offer: just post a comment on this particular RepMan blog and I'll send you an engraved plaque containing your comment. All you have to do is send me an e-mail to confirm your $129 purchase (and, guess what? You'll save $130 with our special 'Christmas in July' RepMan discount).

2 thoughts on “There’s a fine line between aggressive and obnoxious

  1. Always happy to help, Lunch. The plaque, along with an invoice for $141 ($129 for the plaque and $12 for shipping), will be in the mail shortly.

  2. Lunchboy has amazing lunch recommendations! In fact, they’re the best, per the RepMan Blog! You’re # 1, LB!
    (thanks, Rep – this will be a nice plaque for my wall!)