Tommy’s last picture show

I'm not a big moviegoer. Never have been. Never will be. I'm content to wait and see a movie when it finds its way onto Comcast's fairly miserable listing of 'new releases.'

Thomas J Photo My friend Tommy (pictured), aka ‘Thos,’ is the exact opposite. The man constantly goes to see new movies and will often fire off reviews of the latest Hollywood offering. Tommy's quite the entertainment maven, so I take his critiques seriously and file them away for future consideration.

But, Tommy's gone dark of late. I wasn't consciously aware of this new, information void in my life until Thos brought the subject up at a recent reunion. He said he hadn't gone to see a movie in months! I was taken aback. Mouth agape, I asked why.

Tommy said he'd abandoned theater-going to become part of Netflix Nation. Chris "RepMan, Jr' Cody is another Netflix member, as are my dad and brother.

It seems to me that losing a 'Tommy' should be a huge red flag to the Cineplex Odeons of the world. Just think of the lost annual revenue from this man alone.

I didn't ask Tommy what mix of incentives would put his ample posterior back into a movie seat, but I have to believe it would involve a mix of discounts and extra amounts of Diet Pepsi, popcorn and cotton candy. The big guy loves his cotton candy.

Hollywood studio heads may be happy with the late summer performances of 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' and 'Julie & Julia,' but, in my mind, if they've lost Tommy, somebody needs to shout, 'Cut!' and go back to the drawing board.

Tommy's last picture show is undoubtedly an early indicator that the curtain's gone down on classic movie-going.

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