The four things in life one can count on

There are four things in life one can count on:Comcastic_1ebd1

1.) Death
2.) Taxes
3.) Horrific service from NJ Transit (which is experiencing daylong, system-wide delays as we speak)
4.) Quarterly service disruptions from Comcast

The latter is a particular source of ongoing misery. For some reason, Comcast yanks the plug on my on-demand service every two months or so. And, every two months or so, I find myself stuck in their customer service voice mail hell (which, had it existed in Dante's time, would have been included in his 'Inferno').

On the other hand, Comcast has built a world-class social media response network designed to counteract its abysmal service side. So, here's a pre-holiday plea from a blogger in need. Comcast Social Media Guy: can you get involved and helped me get my on-demand service back ASAP? If you do, I promise to write a favorable follow-up blog as a kind of virtual stocking stuffer for you.

5 thoughts on “The four things in life one can count on

  1. Steve, Frank Eliason heads Comcast’s Social Media Group. Instead of asking him to help you with your problem why don’t you help him with his? You may end up with your service back and a new client to boot. A better use of communications and technology will be the keys to addressing his problems. Do you have any insight which could be of value to him?

  2. Steve, if you tweet @ComcastCares you’ll very quickly hear from Frank, George or the others and your problem will be fixed in record time. I speak from personal experience…I no longer even call the 800 number. kj

  3. Rep, Comcast has bloggers galore to engage pissed off customers…they feel having you talk about your problems will help versus actually fixing the problems. I look forward to meeting FiOSBonnie once she comes to Philly.