First Tiger. Now Snuggies. Pretty soon someone will be suggesting Santa Claus is a myth.

January 8 - snuggie_blanket-fashion-week So much for the Snuggie. Consumer Reports has buried the mythical infomercial sensation by calling the 'blanket with sleeves' so cumbersome that'…..walking in it was difficult, that its sleeves, despite being marketed as perfect for men, women and children were too long for shorter adult testers, and that the gaping opening in the back left their backside uncovered.' Talk about a chilling effect. Ouch. 

But, wait there's more!

Consumer Reports also washed the Snuggies which are advertised as having 'ultrasoft, thick, luxurious fleece.' But, says Consumer Reports, '…..each time we laundered two Snuggies, we removed a sandwich bag's worth of lint from the dryer screen.' Man, they should call these things 'Yuckies,' not Snuggies.

Allstar, the company that makes Snuggies, defended their product and issued a written statement saying they '…..receive comments from consumers telling us they love their Snuggies.' I have to believe those few do must be seven feet tall and not be into personal hygiene.

I never cease to be amazed at the ever-increasing sleaze factor in society. Tiger Woods may be the current poster child of sleaze but, based upon the Consumer Reports article, he should be cavorting in a Snuggie. The two were made for each other.

2 thoughts on “First Tiger. Now Snuggies. Pretty soon someone will be suggesting Santa Claus is a myth.

  1. Fair enough, Rep, Jr. But, after reading the Consumer Reports article, I can’t believe anyone would want to wear a ‘pre-owned’ Snuggie.

  2. I just got one for Christmas and love it. But hey, I’m with you on the fact that there are two sides to every argument. Kudos to Repman for highlighting that.
    Having said that, I’ll give you a verbal lashing if I ever see you using my snuggie.