The Fort Knox of pet food

January 7 - purina cat Ever try opening a bag of Purina cat food? I'm talking about the big bags made of 'dura-weave' and boasting to be tear resistant. They're tear resistant all right. Probably nuclear bomb resistant as well.

The bag comes equipped with an innocent-looking white string one is instructed to pull to open. Trust me, it doesn't work. In fact, it doesn't even budge. Nothing. No forward progress whatsoever. It's the stubborn mule of the innocent white string world.

So, anxious to feed one's cats, one selects, instead, a knife, screwdriver or, in one extreme case, a pair of hedge clippers to pry open the impregnable bag.

Inevitably, one of two things happens:

– I gash my hand (I'm currently sporting a nasty cut on my left index finger caused by punching the damn bag in frustration).

– When the bag is finally pried open, its contents spill all over the floor. So, one is left sweeping up piles of unwanted cat food.

I'm not sure why the folks at Purina encase their precious cat food in such an impossible-to-open bag. Is it some sort of reverse psychology to jump start a cat owner's exercise program? A way to further ensure the already hungry cat is positively starving by the time its owner rips open the Fort Knox of pet food?

I think Purina has created something very special here and shouldn't limit the dura-weave technology to the pet food category. Why not partner with the military, TSA and other defense sector prospects?

I'd put my money on the Purina dura-weave in a showdown with the average flak jacket any day of the week. This stuff would stop a bazooka shell in its tracks.

And, from an image and reputation standpoint, I'd embrace the bag's Rocky Balboa-like machismo by borrowing an old Ford truck tag line. How does 'Built Purina tough' sound to you? It certainly rings true to this cat owner.

In the meantime, though, I need to do battle with the new bag. I'm ready this time, though. I've got my wife's gardening gloves to protect my damaged hands and a razor sharp box cutter. Hey, Purina Cat Chow bag: 'let's get ready to rumble!

12 thoughts on “The Fort Knox of pet food

  1. I have managed to open the couple of bags I have had. Most bags like this are chain stitched and if you can’t get the string started on one end, the other will work. This was learned from years of experience opening feed bags for horses and cattle. I have been known to cut the string when too frustrated by a knot in the string.
    I’m wondering about ways to reuse these bags. They sure aren’t as biodegradable as paper! What are they made of? I was thinking of making tote bags.

  2. Thanks for the verification, pet health. I went to the Purina cat chow web site to see what their tagline is. It reads: ‘The cat food cats love to eat.’ How could they possibly know that? The bag’s impossible to open.

  3. Awesome feedback, Morgan. Sadly, I live in the frigid Northeast where we haven’t seen an ant in months. That said, the damn cat food bag goes outside with the first January thaw. Great tip.

  4. Wow, I just went through the same thing with my cat & dog food. The only thing I have noticed that can get through it is ants- I left it in my deck box. It may be nuclear bomb-proof, but ants are another story.

  5. Thanks Trish. Happily, I’ve missed that experience. Here’s another one: the cotton balls inside the medicine bottles. Those things are impossible to remove and prevent one from getting the damn pills out.

  6. Hey, thanks, Clueless. Something tells me the people who manufacture these bags (and those insidious plastic containers that have sliced open my fingers on previous occasions) are born sadists. The Marquis de Sade would have loved playing around with the Purina cat chow bag.

  7. Repman, awesome post, it reminded me of the time I and a bag had an issue. ‘Twas a Nightmare! You being so candid with your difficult petfood bag experience is inspirational.
    I too had a traumatic experience with a bag Repman, namely a paper bag. I couldn’t punch my way out of it. Bless you sir, I commiserate and feel your pain. I’m still stuck in the paper bag but at least I’m not–as you are, injured by my experience. Bottom line is beware of paper and plastic bags.

  8. Leave it to Lunch to have some smart food advice. I’ll test the Iams bag out in a Petco Store. Do you think security will allow me in with my knives, scissors and hedge clippers?

  9. Funny post, but you know what types of bags are worse? KITTY LITTER. Man, what a hassle! And that dust that hits you in the face upon opening it – so pleasant. I take a few deep breaths and just enjoy it every time and think of how lucky I am to have such a nice little stinky feline with daggers and stilettos instead of nails.
    As for food, you might want to switch to IAMS. Better for the cat and easy enough to open.