Where are they now?

What do Efrem Luigi Epstein, Michael Zakkour and Sophie Hanson all have in common? They all worked at Peppercom. 

Linkedin Having read that companies such as IBM and Microsoft have not only built robust alumni networks, but also written millions of dollars of incremental business from loyal, former employees, I thought it was high time Peppercom reached out to the hundreds of people who have passed through our hallways over our 15-year run. So, drum roll please, welcome to the Peppercom alumni network

Having re-connected on Facebook with long-forgotten people from St. Francis Grammar School, Ridgefield Park High School and Northeastern University, I now look forward to chatting up the likes of Roger Dowling, Petey Harris and Ketley DeJesus. 

We're hoping to host monthly chats on our LinkedIn page, discuss topics of interest and just reminisce about those lazy, crazy, hazy days of yesteryear (and those clients from hell, the not-so-secret office liaisons and a softball team that ended up with a losing record regardless of who managed or played. Stein: you still rank as the all-time worst manager, though). 

So, that's it. If you're out there and want to re-connect, please do. And, if you're one of those former clients from hell, we'd love to hear from you as well, if only to tell you how we REALLY felt about working with you.

19 thoughts on “Where are they now?

  1. Lunch, 1975 right? I think we can start a new chant at The Rock.
    Oh, and how sweet the memories of Stevens all but ending Lindors’ career and the comeback from 3-1 down are.
    Thanks Steve. We should lunch sometime.

  2. How true, Lunch. BTW, MedGuy sent me a link to a video of Mike delivering a speech at Wharton. Most impressive.

  3. Good for you, Michael. You’re obviously focusing on the hottest market in the world right now, so more power to you. I’m glad PR proved to be a good training ground for you.

  4. Hi Steve. I founded China BrightStar, LLC five years ago.
    Prior to that I worked for a Beijing-based company for four years where I developed several new business lines and divisions for them adding to their already successful manufacturing business.
    CBS has two divisionas – 1. Consulting and business services. We introduce products and services into the China market, we provide market and demographic research, due dilligence services, investment, partnership and PE advice and do a ton of government relations at the Central, Provincial and City levels.
    2. Manufacturing and sourcing services. We provide solutions for foreign companies looking to purchase and produce products in China. We also create and refine supply chain systems and best practices for international trade in Asia, Greater China Europe and the US.
    I speak and lecture regularly at universities, cultrual institutions and business conferences regarding China’s culture and history, business environment, business culture, cross-border relations and various other related subjects.
    It’s been a very interesting nine years.
    My previous life in PR and marketing has helped me a great deal in building my own business. Gave me enhanced presentation skills, public speaking acumen and the ability to toot my own horn in the media (been in Newsweek, MSNBC, China Daily, NPR etc.).
    It’s good to see you and P-Com still thriving.

  5. I’d like to oblige, Med Guy. But, to the best of my recollection, Dee Dee dashed out of our doors faster than you can say stalker. She’s been MIA ever since. You had quite the effect on her.

  6. ashley vizzi- now thats a name from the past! if u can get dee dee to join this, i will find anyone else you need- deal?

  7. Hello Michael! Actually, what set you apart was your NJ Devils hat and game jersey that you wore every Friday. I hope you’ll join the alumni network. Do tell what’s up with your work in China.

  8. How totally random. I think Richard Berman would have been a better name than mine up there. ; 0
    So, is it my glamorous life in international business and China relations that prompted this or a random name-generator?
    Hope you and the firm are doing well.
    Michael Zakkour

  9. Something tells me Dee Dee Lax will avoid the Peppercom LinkedIn alumni site because of a certain medical supplies executive who stalked her to the ends of the earth. I’d like to know where Ashley Vizzi is these days. Any idea, MedGuy?

  10. wow- michelle manoff- a name from the past! are u sure it wasnt michelle madoff? if i were u, i would be looking for people like dee dee 🙂

  11. But, we know where you are, MedGuy. It’s people like Cheryl St. Louis, Michelle Manoff and Moon Kim we’re hoping to find.

  12. As you should, Stein. Quick question: do you have plans to skipper the Crenshaw PR softball squad this Summer? Seems to me their culture might be more conducive to your Joe Torre-like, hands-off management style.