Ben Stiller’s nothing more than an American version of Hugh Grant

March 18 Have you seen all the hype surrounding Ben Stiller's latest movie, 'Greenberg'?  Mixed in with the usual 'mesmerizing' and 'stunning' accolades is this one: 'Ben Stiller like you've never seen him!'

As Catharine 'Goose' Cody likes to say, 'Puh-lese.'

Ben Stiller is a lightweight. He makes funny, mindless movies and, like his British doppelganger, Hugh Grant, acts exactly the same way in each and every role. If you've seen one Stiller flick, you've seen them all. To suggest otherwise is not only disingenuous, it's off-putting since it doesn't ring true.

Stiller and Grant are pale imitations of such contemporaries as Johnny Depp, Sean Penn and Leonardo DiCaprio. The latter can go deep and wide and, if necessary, excel in a lightweight role typically played by a Ben or Hugh.

All that said, I would have expressed the very same sentiments about Sandra Bullock prior to her Academy-award winning performance in 'The Blindside'. (And, aren't the tabloids just loving Ms. Bullock's being blindsided by her philandering hubby?).

But, back to the issue at hand. Shakespeare wrote, 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' And a Stiller flick is a Stiller flick is a Stiller flick. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. If I had the legal power, I'd issue a cease and desist to the 'Ben Stiller like you've never seen him' comments as well as any other wording that suggests this is anything but the same old, same old.

3 thoughts on “Ben Stiller’s nothing more than an American version of Hugh Grant

  1. I hear you. We will agree to disagree here.
    One thing about movies that I do hate: the questionable reviews by outlets such as Wireless News (what does a wireless pub have to say about a movie, exactly?). Another is when they use a generous quote from some movie reviewer at the local FOX affiliate in Texarkana. Well if Dave Farbowitz at KSLA-TV said this movie is great, I better get a ticket now!
    Ever notice that?

  2. Hey, Lunch, I call ‘em as I see ‘em. To hype a film by saying viewers will ‘see a Ben Stiller they’ve never seen’ is absurd. He makes one formulaic movie after another. I’d call him the Nicholas Cage of light comedy.

  3. WHOA! Stop the blogs, Rep. I would contend that Tropic Thunder, Starsky and Hutch and The Royal Tennebaums are all three distinctly different roles and movies. While I didn’t like Starsky & Hutch all that much, the other two movies were excellent. Plus, who didn’t like Something About Mary?
    I hear what you’re saying, maybe we’ve seen enough and sure he doesn’t compare to the others you’ve mentioned, but not many do.
    I think you and Goose need to lighten up some, enjoy him and his brethern (i.e. Owen Wilson) for what they are and go for the salt on butter on the popped corn next time.